Going towards CCNA... Some Q's

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Ok, i've completed a few certs in the last few months.
now it's time to add some switching and routing behind me.
since i completed CWNA and CWSP i want to take the CCNA.

I see two tracks to go
one is 640-802 and the other seems to be 2 tests
I have the book from Sybex (BIG book too)
and i have another book that is for CCENT

What should i do?
there are two paths to CCNA (if i am reading things correctly).

I have these materials:
6th edition Todd Lammel Sybex book
Titanium edition CCNA Virtual Lab

I also have a cisco 3500 switch too

How should i proceed?
Both books are extremly thick
I presume this will take quit a bit of time, as i really want to learn, and of course gain the certification.

I have the 640-802 exam paid for already. I can cancel and then take the other two if its better.
I am supposed to be able to go to a class as well, but have to work it out with the traning center to see when.

my background on switching is limited, outside of shoulder surfing over my friend at work who was a CNE

I've been told the Lammle book is awesome, and thats all i should need.

I have passed:
since November. Yes, all i have been doing is living, eating, breathing all this study material.

After CCNA i want to complete the MSCA (but waiting for 2008 as i can wing it through XP and server 2k3 now)

I have completed A+ in the past too


  • phreakphreak Posts: 171Member
    So you have very limited hands-on with cisco routers and switches?

    I'd read Lammles book cover to cover and refresh your brain. You probably have subnetting down 100% (which you need to be able to do on the fly for the exam) but you'll need to get some simulator or actual hands on time with the hardware.

    The ICND1 covers the basics that you learned in the N+ cert and the wireless certs. The very basic Cisco things are covered here (what is IOS, how to get some very very very basic configuration done, very basic cisco commands, very basic SDM configuration). Reading the book will give you an idea on what it all is about. The Cisco press books are broken into two books, one is the ICND1 and the other is the ICND2 if you happen to get ahold of those. I think the Lammle book is written so that it briefs you on ICND1 first, and then you get into the ICND2 part in the middle of the book somewhere.

    In the ICND 2 you are getting into the nitty-gritty of Cisco IOS and SDM. You must go through this part since you have very limited experience with Cisco hardware. At the risk of sounding like a jerk, I will say this: You will fail the ICND2 exam without thorough understanding of the IOS and how to configure it as well as SDM.

    There is also troubleshooting on the exam and (at least on the 640-801 that i took) the troubleshooting skills are really learned in the ICND2 parts from what I have seen so far.

    If you want to make it easier, I'd go 2 exam test. That is of course unles you think you can tackle the whole thing at once (this'd be the 640-802).
  • Don 79 TADon 79 TA Posts: 44Member ■■□□□□□□□□
    thanks for the reply

    i basically have shoulder surfing experience with Cisco switching, which was watching over my friends shoulder and occasionally running some commands, barely understood but i could run them.

    I am about completed with Lammle's book on Chapter one, the collision domains is throwing me off big time.

    I think i am going to find out about the CCNA class at the facility that was paid for.
    i would benefit from that

    the more i look at this stuff, the better it seems for me to take the two exam approach.

    subnetting has thrown me through a loop, i'd say i don't know it well and will need time on that.
    I have the SIM software too, so between that and the actual switch that should get me covered there.

    again, knowledge is what i am after, and of course passing the cert would be good too.
    i will keep progressing
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