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Yea Today was the day and i passed with 760. again i want to thank techexams and all other members on this wonderful forum. The exam question were pretty straight forward but cover almost the entire objective below is a list of what was on the exam.

ISDN know the the maximum length (18,000 ft)
Alot of Cable type question (speed,connector etc)
Inter networking Devices (Switch, Bridge, Router)
couple Mac OS X questions, UNIX and Novell Netware
Bindery & NDS
TCP/IP Utilities
Remote connectivity
VPN, Kerberous, PAP, PPP
and lots of trouble shooting scenario type question comprised of NAT, DHCP, WINS, Kerberous,
wireless, etc, there was also a very weird remote connectivity question about Netware.
ok and last but not least remember that spanning tree is to prevent Bridge Looping.

Next for me is Security + then Server +. Is the Syngress security + book better than the Sybex Security +, i wasn't pleased with the Sybex Network + study guide, need some opinions.
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    Congrats on the pass.

    Which exam are you taking next, any idea.
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    Way to go!

    Remember that the Sybex Network+ 2005 book is old and I doubt it will be updated for a while. I thought it was decent compared to other books I looked at.

    I used Sybex A+ Complete and that text book rocked! I could have just read the book and skipped paying $1200 for the class, and still passed. I thought the classes were mandatory. Oh, well.
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    Congratulations for passing!
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    Congratulation for passing!

    I'm currently studying for the Network+ exam. I'm planning to take the exam in May.

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    WOW! nice job. I only scored a 562.
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    congrats icon_cool.gif
    W.I.P CCNA Cyber Ops
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