Help? RADIUS is treating me badly.

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Hi, folks.
I have AD installed, IAS running, and a working RRAS with dial-in access.
RADIUS can successfully connect with my RRAS (they're both running on the same computer).
I have a remote access policy to grant access to everyone regardless of anything - bad security, but just for testing purposes..

I changed the passwords that RRAS uses to connect with my RADIUS and got an error -- so I know they're connecting.

My domain is running in Native Windows 2000 Mode.

My problem is ~~ Whenever I set a users' profile to use Dial-in access controlled through remote policy, next time I open the users profile, It's on "deny" and not "control through remote policy".

I can change the policy to "Allow" and the user can connect.

It's almost as if something is setting it back to deny as soon as I press OK.

Windows Glitch? Configuration issue?
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