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I'm new to this forum and I want to starting studying for my Net+ exam. What good book material should I use to help me not only pass the exam but to get a clear understanding of this.
Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.



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    i used the sybex book for my network+ and thought is was great, also the meyers books are very good, hope this helps, good luck with your study :D
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    I would recomend Sybex Network+, it focus on exam objectives well. It is a also approved by Comptia for study material. I would also recomend using a supplement such as Fast Pass Network+ or Mike Meyers Certification Passport Network+ .
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    Some people like CBT Nuggets, tanscender. THe tech notes from here are really good. Cram Guide Tech notes are not bad either. Have a few sources to read from though.
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