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Hi everyone! i'm a big time reader of this site, most of the time i lurk around and read other people posts and try to see what's going on. Btw, i have been studying network+ for 2 yrs on and off and preparing to take the test next week hopefully. But still i'm so scare and nervous bout taking test. i have learn and have a good idea bout everything inside-out, just get real frustrated when i read other ppl post and opinion such as how's there so much novel and mac stuff goin' on the test. well....just gimme some word of advice and what should i focus on. Thanks...
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    It sounds like you know what you're in for. Brush up on your week area(s), and you'll do fine.

    Good luck.
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    I Passed N+ today with 703. There was only a few novell/apple/unix/linux questions in the exam,(maybe about 6-icon_cool.gif and the few questions that were asked were the very basic commands and stats so dont worry to much about that. Make sure you konw the osi model well, what layer devices operate on and what they do. Know the specs of things speeds, cable lenghts, wireless speeds, make sure you know ping,nslookup,ipconfig,ifconfig,arp,dns,dhcp,tcp/ip etc
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    hey thanks anthony and dynamik...i just need some confidence in me that's about it....appreciate for all the kind words...
    Network+, A+
    Near future: MCSA
    Working on: 70-270
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    If you read a book and did the tech notes you should be fine. I take my exam on friday now at 3:30. I feel over prepared this time. I know what to expect and feel extremely confident about the exam.

    Take you time and read the question. Start ruling out answers and then narrow it down.

    Piece of cake you got this.

    Let us know how you do
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