MS Exchange 2007: 70-236 - Exam Scheduled 7/6/08

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I am officially pursuing:

Exam 70-236 - TS: Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, Configuring

Has anyone used Court ILT? someone mentioned this to me, but unable to find their official website, I thought I was going to do my design for MCSE, but I felt I need something new aside from AD at the moment, before I throw up with so much AD :P

Pls. let me know what resource you used to pass this exam, I looked at MS-Press 70-236, and was unimpressed it had horrible reviews.

Thanks you in advance.

Wish me luck!


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    VMware for 2 Exchange boxes one for Edge other for HT.CAS.MB, setup a bunch of scenarios...

    I would have really used Henrik Walters book "How to **** at configuring (insert rest of title here) as this is something that is a decently high overview of the topics that are covered but shows how to set everything up... Use EMS alot and get used to it, not not necessarily memorize all of it but use the main ones for configuring mailboxes.

    I started actually going through the MSPress book and it wasnt as bad as I thought it would be, although this was 3 months after passing the test so I was just going through it to pick and choose, your mileage may vary.
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    So I got how to **** and mastering exchange 2007, I guess I will start with how to **** on configuring exchange 2007.

    I will be downloading Exchange 2007 tonite, I am pretty excited to have a hands on lab, I will be setting up my proliant, I think I also need SQL right? damn...
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    I'm basically using the resources "Royal" has on his old thread, I read a lot about How to **** on Configuring "insert here" and so far so good, they have a very good reviews...
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    I am scheduled this coming Sunday 7/6/08, any last minute advise pls. pour it in, I am using Transcenders for exam review.
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    Does anyone knows, if there are going to be sims in this exam? I must be doing so much PS and forget EMC.
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