MCSE 2000 elective question.

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Hi guys!

Got a dumb question here (i bet it has been asked numerous of times), just trying to plan ahead for my future certs. I would really like an MCSE title.

The CompTIA Security+ exam, does that count for two MCSE electives or just one?

From MS:
As an alternative to the electives listed above, these third-party certifications or certification combinations may substitute for an an MCSE elective: COMPTIA Security+

I've bold the words that are confusing to me. Not sure if it meant the Sec+ is an alternative to electives. Or alternative to an elective.

Another dumb question: I'm assuming that I will be MCSA within 2 weeks. Would the following exams make me MCSE: 216,217, 220, Security+?

Thanks in advance.


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