Mac OS X Server ???

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Guys! help me out here again. Wherever i go, i see ppl complaining about this Mac OS X Server based questions on network+ test. I'm getting ready to take test next week and i have been reading exam cram and mike myers. But seems to me neither of those book didnt cover anything about Mac OS X Server but just the basic of Mac os. Any idea about it ? what do u guys suggest ? Help me out!!!
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  • Magnum2544Magnum2544 Member Posts: 103
    Just remember that Mac is based on top of UNIX.

    Know Appletalk, Appleshare, etc.

    It's not that bad. Don't stress over it.
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    Just check the technotes on this site. From what I hear they cover the exam pretty well so what the notes cover on Mac OS should be what you need to know for the exam. Also, be sure to check CompTIA's website for the objectives of the Network+.
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    Thanks for the reply people...yeah i was stressing alot...i was thinkin' i have to learn all bout puma, jaguar and cheeta's now lol...thanks a lot friends.
    Network+, A+
    Near future: MCSA
    Working on: 70-270
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