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I was just going through my class schedule and I noticed the Linux classes preped you for Sair certification. How does it compare to LPI, RHCE, and Linux+? It seems like its expensive at $99 dollars per test, 4 tests per level and theres 2 levels. Would doing these classes pretty much cover everything for all the other certifications if I would need to take them?

Also, what kinds of companies usually use Linux/Unix servers? Large companies? And small/medium ones use Windows?


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    Well I have worked for both very large and pretty small companies.

    And both of them used linux and windows.

    I have also worked for companies that used OS similar to linux like UNIX and BSD. I believe that getting good at any one of them will make the others MUCH easier to learn.

    For me I had lots of Linux experience, and then I took a new job. This new company focuses on BSD. Sure there were things specific to BSD that I had to figure out, but I was able to hit the ground running. With in a matter of months I was VERY comfortable with BSD.

    You will most likely never get away from windows. Why? Well IMO they still make "one" of the most user friendly desktops. Also there Office/presentation/e-mail/word document software is pretty much the standard for business. Sure in time some other vendor could replace that... But it will take a VERY long time if it ever happens.

    But many companies use *NIX (*NIX = linux/unix/bsd etc) web servers, mail servers, databases, firewalls. And a lot of computer appliance type devices run on stripped down versions of *nix.

    I would say learn both unix and windows and you will be in good shape.

    And that folks is just my 2 cents.
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