Passed 70-296

WOHOO! I can take a study break for a day or two ;0)

Passed 70-296 this morning with 800. I found that the exam was no too tough, I just got a little irritated around Q25 - Q35 and lost the track a little. Anyway 800 is good enough for me.

Used the following to study

CBTNuggets, Sybex MCSE Upgrade book, Redmond Exams and's study notes.


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    congrats on the pass icon_cool.gif
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  • Megadeth4168Megadeth4168 Member Posts: 2,157
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    Well done, dude!

    How was it compared to 292?
  • stupidboystupidboy Member Posts: 470
    Joe Donner wrote:
    Well done, dude!

    How was it compared to 292?

    I would say do not underestimate this one, I think it could trip you up if you are not prepared. However, having completed 70-292 get you in part ready for 70-296.

    I think Megadeth4168 was right, it could be quite tricky but the options are quite clear (which is something new for MS).

    When you set for taking this one?
  • Joe DonnerJoe Donner Member Posts: 27 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I've got the 296 exam scheduled for 17 March.

    Just gotten through the last Transcender today, and I scored worse on them than for the 292 Transcenders (first time round, anyway). But now I've got my notes updated with Transcender's explanations and so on, so I'll be doing some test lab practice with IPSec and Certificate Services. I've never used either of those for real, so they're not my strong point.

    I reckon I'll pass the exam if I do it now, but never liked to rush into an exam. I'd rather overstudy than just pass by the skin of my teeth. I get the idea that sometimes people just study enough to scrape through the exam, but I like to learn and understand and broaden my knowledge as much as possible. That way getting the certification means so much more than just getting another piece of paper, if you know what I mean.
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    Knowledge lasts far longer then memory when it comes to Microsoft and passing these tough exams through knowledge and hard work is a great fealing. Think like Rockey and pass the basterd. good luck!
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    Job well done
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