Underdog passes with 850

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Having been out of the IT field for 6 years, I recently noticed that the upgrade exams were going to be retired at the end of march .I decided that all my efferts to become a MCSE and MCSE on W2k were worth upgrading for future oppertunities.
I went out and bought the Microsost big blue book for the 70-292 and 70-296 and read the first 100 or so and realized that it would take far too long to pass the exam with this book. Then I went back to the transcenders which I used to pass all my other exams and focused on the main objecutives (which I ldeccoverde on this forum) such as SUS ,DNS, Group policy, shaddow copies, auditing, disaster recovery, remote desktop and terminal services, security templates,IIS backup and restore. If you learn the transcenders which means read all the explanations and try them on thease topice then the exam will be easy. i figuer it takes about 75 hrs with the transcenders to know the materials to pass. I did about 85 hrs but had a major hangover at the test center due to 17 beers last knight.


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    Congratulations on the pass.

    Are you looking to 70-296 now?
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    Have been studing pretty hard for the last few days for the 70-296 and hope to do the exam mid next week. During my studies I am finding that this exam might not have the obscure type of questions of the 70-292 and the knowledge gained from the 292 will aid alot in passing the 296.
    As I ommited to say in my last post is that even though I have been out of IT for several years I have always maintained a test lab with several virtual networks. I gained alot of knoledge regarding toppics such as group poiicy, dns and security. In fact I had so many GPO's on my old lady that she was lucky if she even got to logon at all, maby that is the reason that she is now my X (thak god). I have spent a few days now compiling study notes which always help to remember the tpooics inthe exam. Good luck to all, just think like a geek but with confidence then have a few beers after you pass.
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