Pondering Cisco Firewall Specialist and/or CCSP

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Hello Everyone,

I'm a relatively fresh CCNA, having just been certified last fall, but I've been putting it to good use here at my new job. In the course of my work, I've had to interact quite a bit with our ASA 5505's and I wanted to learn more about them, so that led me to look for books on them specifically, which led me to look at the SNPA exam. I had been planning to begin working on my CCNP soon, but after seeing that taking the SNPA plus SND would qualify me for a firewall specialist cert, I am thinking of taking a detour on my way to my CCNP and work on my CCSP first. I get quite a bit of hands-on experience at work, so I'm considering starting with Dynamips or another simulator and then possibly adding some hardware down the road as my budget permits. My plan is to take the SNPA exam first, then finish up my MCSA+Security (I'm almost ready to take 70-291 and then I only have Security+ and my elective to go) and then coming back to take SND. Does anyone have any advice here? At this point, I'm pretty much equally interested in security and networking, but I'd prefer to stay on the network side of security if I move that direction. Software just bogs me down.

Thank you for your patience with a Noob! :)

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