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Hello, I am currently study for the security+ exam having obtained the A+ and Network+ certification. I was actually studying for th MCSA 70-270 XP exam but I decided to pause the same to do the Security+. Do you think this is a good move and what advantage would I have when I recommence the 70-270 exam?

The security+ note is more appealing/intriguing than the 70-270 exam I must say.



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    Well definetly go for the security+ its much more challenging so get it out the way also it will help you in attaining a better undertsanding of future windows cert objectives.

    Also With A+,Network+ and Security+ under your belt you have now satisfied a few electives for higher level certifications like MCSA, and MCSA:Security also MCSE so you will be on a good learning track.

    Might as well take it one vendor at a time.

    There is no better than adversity, every defeat, every loss, every heartbreak contains its seed. Its own lesson on how to improve on your performance the next time.
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    I agree kenny504. Having studied for the Security+ before doing my MCSE track, helped me when I had to start studying similar material.
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