Best practice exams for CCSP? What happened to Transcender?

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Hi All,

I need to recert for my CCSP and had heard that there was a CS-MARS exam out. I figured, what the heck - I've got one anyhow... I went to Transcenders site for a practice exam and saw they only have 2(!!) exams available for the CCSP right now! I couldn't believe it, Transcender was *the* resource I used for my first go around back around 03-04.

Anyone have advice on who to go to now? Based on the fact that there are only 2 products at their website, I don't get a feeling Transcender is "in the mix" any longer. I'd REALLY liked their exams as they were accurate (focusing on the same topics in the same order of relivance as the exams), accurate (with regard to the info and refernences) and on point. I'd found that if you could pass every Transcender test on a given exam, you UNDERSTOOD the material. I did not like Boson too much (often TOO much material, too many questions, while not focused enough on the relivant topics) and I won't even get into ****... I'd like to know the material, not memorize braindumps full of inaccuracies...

So what are people using these days as exam simulation?




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    The CCSP exams have been a "moving target" since the last major update to the CCSP -- plus they've added the new exam options. A couple of the exams have been through 2 or 3 updates, so its been hard for the books and practice exams to stay current.

    For the MARS exam your only resources may be the MARS Exam Blueprint, the Cisco Press Security Threat Mitigation and Response: Understanding Cisco Security MARS book, and the Cisco Documentation.

    My best guess for the useful Cisco Docs are in the CCSP FAQ -- but you probably don't need the last 2.

    From another post
    jeffmikers wrote:
    I got the following email from someone at Pearson Education in early December when I started inquiring about this:

    I wanted to get back to you regarding the CCSP texts you were asking about.

    Because the CCSP exams are revising so often (more than once a year in some cases), we are not able to have current books readily available in the market on a timely basis. With that in mind, we will not be publishing printed books to these exams for the time being, but we will be creating Quick Reference electronic products. The following titles are all to the most current versions of their respective exams, and can be purchased at
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    I feel the pain on this one.

    What I have been doing, besides getting as much hands on as humanly possible is:

    taking the exam blue print and scouring ciscos site to make sure I can put some info to every single bullet on the blue print.

    I had a situation about a month ago when trying to fix a checkpoint to asa vpn, and the cisco ASA/IPS/VPN book was kind of outdated...

    Also tried to do a "Fix up" on an asa, which doesn't exists anymore via the SDM. Not even TAC had instructions for this. So I did it via the command line and made my own instructions....
    encrypt the encryption, never mind my brain hurts.
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