Anyone ever worked for a casino?

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I've just been hired as an Associates System Analyst at a pretty big casino in my local area. Even though the position is entry level I will have extensive job duties as well as working with a lot of different technologies. It's also pretty insane the amount of cash flowing in their IT department, one of their servers they spent $200,000 on alone! Needless to say I'm very excited and pretty restless but to get to the point has anyone here worked at a Casino or any other similar type of industry? If so what was it like for you?
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    I have a good friend who moved from IT (development) in the financial services industry to IT (development) in the gaming industry.

    As far as's about the same; both industries require cutting edge hardware. However, he makes more, his compensation is less sensitive to market movement, and the last time I talked to him he was very pleased with his decision.
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    Thanks for the quick reply, from what I can tell from the various IT members I met so far they loved the environment they worked in. I love it to so far meeting lots of people and working in a huge environment that's in an entertainment environment seems really cool to me. The hours are crazy though that's the only downside I guess but I don't really care what hours I have to go in really.
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    I love to get a job at Vegas and working at the casino IT..... too cool and too many chick, specially IT guy are hot... U know icon_wink.gif
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    Haha huh? I think I get what you're saying though, yea the casino I work for actually has a location down in Las Vegas so who knows maybe I'll transfer one day. That would be neat.
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    Now this sounds like a cool job.
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