problem with eigrp

aueddonlineaueddonline Member Posts: 611
ok so I have eigrp AS's 50 and 1 In AS 50 there is R1,R2,R5 and R4 and R6 have interfaces in both AS's

i'm trying to work out why r4's loopback interface isn't being advertised to R2 there in this kind of topology

1 4


2 6

all routers are conneted to r5 and 1 ad 4 have a direct connection and 2 and 6 have a direct connection.

r4's loopabck is in the 'show ip eigrp topology' readout on r1 and r5

r5 has evry route in it's topology and route table
i've missed some bits out but basically not all routes are being advertised to all neighbors in eigrp 50, any advise?
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