Veritas Backup Exec story

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So I have been reading the job adds on the internet, and alot of people had been asking for veritas backup exec experience. So me being the over achiever that i am, hopped on over to the Veritas web site and signed up for a free trial for there stuff. I finally got to the download link and decided i had better wait a day to download it. (almost time for work). Anyway, so this thought slipped as time went by. Anyway.. the other day I walked outside and realized UPS left a package for me. Seems veritas (how do you say this?) liked me so much they sent me a copy of backup exec 9.1. I have not had a chance to install it, but it does not say it is a trial version.. It looks retail to me. When i have a chance i will check it out..

Just a story..
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    (Very-tas) does seem to like you. I heard that application costs a couple of hundered bucks, so if they have indeed given you a free copy of the full product.... then hey.. that's awesome.

    But I doubt it becuase, nowadays, most companies who develop software include system keys with thier applications. It's easier for them to include a key that reduces the functionality of the program to a certain number of things or makes it expire after a certain number of days, than to develop a trial version and a full version separately.

    Anyways, check it out. icon_wink.gif
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