sniffing packets on a serial link

aueddonlineaueddonline Member Posts: 611
I was wondering if there was a way to sniff packets on a serial link?
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  • tech-airmantech-airman Member Posts: 953
    I was wondering if there was a way to sniff packets on a serial link?


    Place a packet of sugar or artificial sweetner onto the serial cable then sniff it. :P

    Seriously, what kind of packets are you interested in sniffing?
  • aueddonlineaueddonline Member Posts: 611
    Just routing protocol traffic i've done it on some ethernet segments on my lab but would like to be able to packet sniff on the serial links to, is this possible ?
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  • aueddonlineaueddonline Member Posts: 611
    thanks for the link man, I wouldn't have know to seach for traffic export, just set it up on one of my routers that supports the command pretty cool,

    I don't know if anyone reading this has done this but i've used the 'bidirectional' command which is suppose to export incoming and outgoing packets on the selected interface but i'm only getting incoming at the moment.
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  • kryollakryolla Member Posts: 785
    here at work we have a patch panel in line and when we need to capture packets we plug a protocol analyzer into the patch panel but it might be too expensive for a home lab.
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  • hectorjhrdzhectorjhrdz Member Posts: 127
    on a serial link you can use a TAP (enabled to support those serial interfaces you have) and have the "wireshark" sniffing packets for you. It's for free.
    Another way is to enable netflow on your router and then send all that data to NMS, which you can download for free (trial version).

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