Waphat's the best preparation for a CCNA exam?

MiekMiek Member Posts: 47 ■■□□□□□□□□

I'm going to take my exam tomorrow.
I've read the sybex book, read some of the chapters in the official Cisco CCNA books and I'm going to read the Technotes I found on this website :)

But are there some other things I can do the be prepared for tomorrow? Some questions (except the one on this site) or ... ?

Hope you can give me some hints.

Greetz ;)



  • SartanSartan Inactive Imported Users Posts: 152
    Did I hear you say "Some" of the chapters?
    Hmm, at the risk of sounding too negative, push your test at least a week back and go back and read the rest. Grab a router sim, if you haven't one already.
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  • pandimuspandimus Member Posts: 651
    Yeah, i would have to concur with sarten.

    By what you say, sounds like you just breezed though a couple of books and expect to walk in and pass. Maybe i'm wrong.. I'm not sure if you can just read the book and pass...
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  • JOblessELementJOblessELement Member Posts: 134
    wow! Now I know how Cisco *really* make their money :P

    From the sound of your message, I don't think a week's gonna do much. Push it back maybe a whole month. Read that book and check out www.celticrover.com for a lot of tests.
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  • MiekMiek Member Posts: 47 ■■□□□□□□□□

    actually, I read the version 2 book couple of times last year and 80% of the chapters of the new (version 3) book.

    I'm working with cisco routers for 1,5 year now ... So I don't really worry about that :)

    I did the test on the celtic site and some other test ... Got result around 90% ...

    9 hours left for me now ... Going to study a little ...

    Greetz ;)
  • SartanSartan Inactive Imported Users Posts: 152
    Good luck!
    I'll imagine you can skip alot of the easy stuff, but remember, little bits like timeout time for cdp discover packets can nip you in the ass.
    cram, cram, cram! and, don't forget to sleep.
    Network Tech student, actively learning Windows 2000, Linux, Cisco, Cabling & Internet Security.
  • Rebound86Rebound86 Member Posts: 13 ■□□□□□□□□□
    timeout time on cdp discovery sigh so much stuff i cant remember i am in sem 3 atm so exam is still a fair way off but it is things like that that WILL not might "nip me in the ass" as you so put it.

    So many protocols so many different things to remember. Do they get real specific on the exam or are the questions just the main points like "which of the following rooms is best for setting up a MDF" etc cos its things like that that i am gonna be spending so much time re-learning. And when you put yr 12 and enter scores on top i think anyting resembling well relax time will be up the creek sigh ..... did i mention life sucks?
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