for people who took 70-620

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I was wondering if there are any questions like "where do you change your mouse speed settings" with the answer similar to "control panel -> Hardware and SOund -> Mouse -> Buttons". Being aware of all buttons and tabs is kind of scary especially if you use custom Vista configuration (for instance, classic start menu or control panel...).
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    While MS does tend to add a lot of unnecessary information into each question to make sure that you can think critically about the information, they wouldn't do something cruel like list variations of: "control panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Mouse -> Buttons" as possible answers to a question. If it's a sim, you should be able to manage regardless of how it's configured.

    I'd suggest you learn where the important settings, such as display resolution, are located, but you're not going to have to learn every obscure setting in the entire package. You won't get a question regarding mouse trails, I promise.
  • Non-Profit TechieNon-Profit Techie Member Posts: 418
    Just get the MSPress book and read it. Do the practice steps and questions and you will be all set. There are questions like that related to RSS and stuff... But everything is covered in the book.
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    You shouldn’t get any questions related to that. You may get questions on where you would go to enable the Aero interface, change wireless settings, etc.
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    Still try and remember visually which options appear on dialog boxes such as IE security settings and parental controls, power option, etc.

    I don't recall getting any questions asking the exact setps to get to a control panel setting for example.

    I did get one question with a dilaog box asking click the control (i.e. button, tab option, etc) to get to a particular setting.

    It's worth running through the a book with exercises.
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