A+ 2006 In Depth by Jean Andrews

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I'm busy studying for the A+ certification and had a few questions. I used the Sybex book as my primary study guide, and I work for a software company where I've installed printers and hardware components for computers so I have some good hands on experience. My question is I'm wondering if I'm studying to in depth. I purchased the Jean Andrews book listed in my subject heading and was using her cert blaster software. I wanted to know if anybody else had used it and whether they thought it was "too" in depth to the point where I was overexposing myself. I passed the Net+ with the Sybex no problem but I wanted to know if I'm overthinking with the other book. Any help is appreciated.


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    Download the objectives and follow those.

    I prefer Meyers and Sybex for their content and way the material is presented. You cannot learn too much. IMHO.
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    I'm using Sybex and love their text. I'm using the objectives and highlighting the ones that I don't know and studying that way, so I'll keep going the way I am. Thanks for your input!
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