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If you look here, it lists only 14,000 MCSE:Security. That seems like a really low number compared to 100,000+ MCSE's out there. Is this because of the extra security cert or just lack of interest/worth for the security specialization?
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    But if you are comparing numbers that is 14,000 Security vs 9,000 Messaging. But if you look at the MCSA you see 57,000 for Messaging and 16,000 Security. When looking at the job listings I've only run across one maybe two that were looking for MCSE:S. Several more than that wanting Messaging. But most of the security jobs were wanting a CISSP.
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    Because company's need Microsoft networks and a lot of people sacrifice security for functionality. So for a lot of people, their mindset is, why secure things and get certified to do so when we are sacrificing features and functionality. Sadly, the human species are very reactive rather than proactive and we do just about everything after the fact. It usually takes a big disaster for company's to be like, "Oh crap, we need to start securing things before "another" disaster strikes."
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    In all actuality a good MS Admin will have security knowledge and Messaging knowledge.

    It seems most job posting want Exchange guys, rightfully so.

    the thing about MCSE Security is everybody should have that knowledge anyways. Getting a security foundation is essentially just knowing your system very well.
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