Is Security+ right for me?

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Hi Guys,

The company i work for have expressed that they would like me to get into security. I've done my ccna and a couple of CCVP exams. My main position in my company is voice based so security is quite new to me. I've been asked to take the CCSP route but was thinking it may be smarter to do the Security+ exam to break me into the whole security thing. I do actually like the idea of doing security so i just want to get myself off to a good start.

What are your suggestions?



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    Security+ is a great way to break into security. Apparently, it even helps on the CCIE: Security written.
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    I will cast my vote for the Security+ as well. It seemed like a great way to get my feet wet without going in over my head all at once.
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    having just passed it yesterday (even tho I have worked with PKI four years ago), I have to say ... any recent Security+ prep book will be a great intro to the Security field - very broad yet not too deep. Enought to get a sense and feel for how specialized the field is but not to specific that you don't see the forest because of the trees. All in all a good way to get your feet wet and have more to work with for future Security exams.

    Keep in mind that this has the highest passing %-age from all the CompTIA exams, and is even recognized by MS as an equivalent to MCSA/MCSE elective exams.

    Good Luck!
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    Cisco clearly has a specialization clearly you need for your job.

    But Sec+ is pretty easy to get and really helps a resume. If you don't need/want the resume bump, don't bother. Sec+ is a respected cert.
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    Thanks for the info guys.

    Given your responses i think i will do the security+. It does say that the network+ is required before hand but surely my ccna would have covered most things in that department?

    Thanks again...
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    There's no Network+ requirement. I did mine without the Network+ or CCNA. If you have a decent understanding of networking, you'll be fine.
    CompTIA wrote:
    The CompTIA Network+ certification is also recommended.
  • undomielundomiel Member Posts: 2,818
    I accomplished mine without Network+ nor CCNA so it is certainly possible. Having the knowledge for a Network+ or CCNA will certainly take you far though with this exam.
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    Thats good stuff.

    What time scale would you say i should give myself to complete it? I'm in no rush and would rather take my time than hurry things and forget it straight after. But whats the recommedned time scope?

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    I would say the average time it takes to study and pass the Security+ is about 1-2 months but it could be more or less time depending on experience.
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    I did mine in a month with intense study, but I was familiar with some of the material beforehand. 2-3 months is probably a decent time line.
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