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Hi Guys,

For you out there who are contracting, i was looking for a little advice/opinions. I would like to get myself into contracting some day but appreciate that you need to be relatively clued about the field you're in to actually be succesful. I've almost got 2 years experience in a technical support environment, soon to be promoted to feild engineering/customer support engineerng, i'm currently on track to completing my ccvp and i'v already done my ccna.

What i would like to know is, how long do you have to be in the IT field to qualify as someone who can do contracting, or what certifications are best to achieve to get myself going. I want to get into voice and/or security.

Just general tips/experiences/advice would e greatly appreciated.



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    Certs are always good for contractors. Formal education does not matter much because they really don't give a crap where you went to school. They only want to know that you can do the job without screwing up their network or causing an outage... That is the basic jist of it.
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    My boss is a contractor -- he has a pretty sweet deal. He makes 4 grand a week to run the "maintenance" phase of our operation (which means not showing up for work more than 20 hours a week).

    And on top of that, he approves all the purchasing for the company's IT "needs", which is convinient because his company just happens to sell everything we "need" at only 30% more than anyone else! So the same person buying the stuff is the one who is selling the stuff. How's that for a good deal? :)

    All the while, the actual employees are getting no raises this year because of a budget crunch.

    The VP's dont get it either, but the CEO and Board has made up their minds. Jackasses.
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