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Exam date = 17th March 2004

got phonecall this morning from test centre at around 11.30am stating that ALL Microsoft exams for the day have been cancelled. The company that gives them the exams "Prometric" have made an arse of sending the exams and I cannot do the exam today.

After psyching myself up this morning I feel a bit pissed off. They said they might be able to re-schedule exam for Friday, but last time this happened Prometric took a week to sort out the problem - I felt prepared and confident for the exam so its a bit of a pisser tbh icon_sad.gif

I took 3 days off work to prepare for the exam and now it looks as if I'll have to take more time off to arrange another date. Oh well on the plus side I suppose it gives me more time to work with the topics I'm not 100% on :)


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