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Any recommendations on a good general Linux book? I'll probably end up taking the Linux+ but I'd like to really learn the OS not just exam topics. Also what distrubution would you recommend to work on for the exam? I have Fedora and Mandrake. I had problems with Debian which make me think maybe it's the one I should be working with. Thanks.


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    For any of the certs of I've done I always try to get my hands on a SYBEX study guide. I'm just starting into the LINUX+ study guide by them so I'm not sure yet how well it stands up, but if it's like the others it should be worth reading.
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    The Sybex study guide is a good book, but not for learning Linux. The topics are not covered in a logical order. For example, grep, less, and I think even cat are covered in the last couple of pages of the last chapter.

    I'm using it to prepare for the Linux+, but I had a course on Linux first. for that class, we used a Course Technology book on Linux Administration. For learning Linux, a lot of people suggested Running Linux by O'reilly.

    For a distibution, I stayed with Red Hat (now Fedora), because that is what we worked with in class and is used by a lot of people. Others like Mandrake, because it is supposed to be more (new) user friendly. Knoppix is also a good choice, because you can boot from a cd and play with it, without having to repartition a working computer.

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    Thanks for the input. I picked up Running Linux it seems pretty good thus far.
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