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Ok so far i have a 3750 24 port and a 3750 48 port and a 3620... What else do i need? I have completed my CCNP i am just wondering what other type of equipment i should pickup.. Anyone have a list of equipment?


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    The first place you'd want to check would be the Cisco website CCIE Equipment List for the track you're interested in -- for R&S that's here

    You can also check out the Internetwork Expert CCIE Lab Preparation page -- they have How to Build a CCIE Lab page available there. That gives you a lower cost hardware option when compared to the actual lab hardware.

    They also have a Using Dynamips for CCIE Lab Preparation on a PC link there -- which could cut your home lab cost even more. Get 2 3550s to use with your 3750s and then use Dynamips with multiple network cards or multi-port network cards. You can then also interact with any real routers you have.

    I went with 3640s for my Home R&S Lab, with 3620s for the backbone routers, and a 2511 as a terminal server. I went also went with 2 of the 3750s instead of the 3560s, and have the 2 3550s.

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