70-623 Thoughts?

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Anyone have thoughts on the 70-623 exam? I just finished with 70-620 and decided to go with 623 before moving to 622. I've read through 3 chapters of the MSPress book and it seems awfully similar to 620. Ultimately 623 will have very little impact on my job/career but it’s hard to pass up a certification when it's similar to the test I just took and it only requires 1 more test to get a new certification. Thoughts on the exam?


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    Most people just do 70-622 or 70-621 upgrade from what I read. According to Microsofts website only 339 have done 70-623 versus 3,307 for 70-622 or the 70-621 upgrade. Id just do 70-622 cause its more money to Microsoft for no added reason.

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    Well....I passed 623 with a 975. I would encourage anyone who took 620 to take a look/shot at 623. They seemed to focus heavily on the following subjects....

    - Advanced Boot Options (Safe Mode, Last Known Good, etc)

    - Peripheral devices (How to connect them and problems/issues connecting them via USB, IR, Bluetooth, etc)

    - System Recovery (Backup, System Restore, etc)

    - Windows Media Center/Movie Maker/Player (How to setup Media Center, how to import audio/video and create movies, how to rip music and quality of ripped music)

    Hope this helps!
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    Thanks....I figured I was already half way through the book and being similar to 620 to just go ahead and take it. icon_lol.gif
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