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In mpls what is the difference between LDP and RSVP protocols?
When we use LDP and when we use RSVP?
What is label stacking ,when we use it?
Also can anybody tell the interview questions on MPLS?



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    Hi Suchit,

    If you're wanting to know potential interview questions for MPLS you've probably just listed 3 of the main ones ... "Why MPLS?" and "What's Traffic Engineering?" would be another couple for your list! The answers that you're looking for are just a web search and a little reading away; just think of the sense of achievement you'll get by figuring them out yourself!
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    Depends on the implementation. LDP is used to exchange labels between LSRs. RSVP is typically used hen you want to do traffic engineering, but could be used in place of LDP although it would be far more work to implement and maintain. Label stacks are added to the frames to tell the intermedeiate LSRs how to forward the frame (LSP).

    Your questions are too vague to answer here, I would recommend picking up a book on MPLS, I think the Cisco Press MPLS Fundamentals would be a good place to start.

    On an inverview anything is fair game. If you are telling them you know MPLS but you do not, you're in trouble because it's a big topic.
    The only easy day was yesterday!
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