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Is the multi mode function available at the Catalyst 3560? Can a port be member of more than one vlan in 3560 switch?



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    I tried this way:

    switch 3560

    interface fastethernet0/5
    description multi vlan port
    switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
    switchport trunk allowed vlan 11,13,15
    switchport mode trunk

    VLan information:

    vlan 11:
    vlan 13:
    vlan 15:

    Now, when i connect, my pc on that port with either of the following ip address:

    I cant ping the respective gateways.

    From the switch console i can ping to every vlan but not the pc connected to the port.

    How, from my pc i can ping to every vlan?
  • georgemcgeorgemc Member Posts: 429
    Your PC doesn't understand dot1q. Maybe you could use a trunking NIC?

    Maybe something like this:

    that supports 802.1q.

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    Thanks a lot. I did not knew there are such nick cards.

    well, what if i want that all these three vlan's will be accessible through FastEthernet0/5? Will it be something like:

    ======3560=====(eg 2960 where the port facing fa0/5 is trunk)=====pc (which can access all the vlan)

    simply I am looking for a technique that will allow me to access the vlan's trhough this port.

    Thank you.
  • bighornsheepbighornsheep Member Posts: 1,506
    You don't need to spend that much to get dot1q-aware NIC, a basic Pro/1000 or even a Pro/100 would work.
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    you can also trunk in vmware in software

    trunking is reallly just modifying the ethernet header to use a frame tag
    this can be done in hardware or software.
    isl uses (inserts) data in an unused field
    and dot1q actually modifyies the ethernet frame and recalculates the crc
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