A long, long shot!

wowitfothwowitfoth Member Posts: 23 ■□□□□□□□□□
I traded some labor on my Apt. manager’s desktop for a notebook. She gave me an AST Ascentia 910N with Win95. It has 24MB Ram, Quantum Daytona HDD, 1.44 Floppy and no CD-ROM. It has parallel and serial ports. Any suggestions for reinstalling 95 using my desktop? I searched for a hard drive adapter with no luck. The hard drive is removable. I tried running Win95 Setup.exe from C:\Win95 but is missing files. I cannot make a boot disk either. Like my desktop I like to have backups! This is just a toy and cost vs. value is a factor as well.

This is irrelevant but I thought is cool, It is registered to Northrop Grumman F/18A Project group. Still has all kinds of mail left on it, nothing top secret but interesting. Thnxs,


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