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Well any tips for the 70-291?

I have CBt nuggets and MS press for trying to get a hold of VMware in case I need it for this as well...looks like Virtual PC has some limitations.

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    Are you skipping the 70-290?

    EDIT: Oh I see, you just didn't put your pass in your profile.

    I would just make sure you understand the material just like all other exams. I didn't say know the material, I said understand. ;)

    People get really tripped up over DNS/DHCP and I guess it is because it is so new to everyone. Just make sure you get a lot of lab experience with the product. Try lots of different scenarios.

    I would suggest to make a basic 2003 server with AD/DHCP/DNS then copy the VM when it is shut off. Do your experiments and when you get to where you need to reset it then delete the VM and import your backup.
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