Almost the big day.... PASSED!

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I'll be taking the test this 9:00AM this Friday.

I'm in a Network+ prep class which will end this week, but if I get certified before the final then I get an automatic 100 on the final.

I've been doing very good in the class and have done the practice tests here and on another site. I've also done all the Transcender tests and a couple of Mike Meyers tests. I think it's been like 8 all together and all of them I've scored above 80%.

In addition to my class, I've listened to an audio cram CD, read the TechNotes PDF on here, and did a few of the CBT nuggets and part of the Test Out. Out of all of them I thought the TechNotes was the best.

I (and my teachers) are pretty confident that I'll pass. I just wanted to post what I've done to prepare and then I'll post the results on Friday.

Wish me luck!


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    best of luck :D
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    Woo-hoo! I passed with a score of 825! :D

    It only took me about 30 min. to finish. So, I calculated approximately how many I thought I could miss and still pass. Then I went back through all the questions and tallied up the questions I knew for sure, those that I thought I knew, and those that I was more or less guessing on. So, after that 2nd pass through I was fairly confident that I'd pass, but I was a little surprised by how well I did. (I was being extremely conservative when ranking my confidence on the individual questions.)

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    Congratulations icon_thumright.gif

    That's one of the better scores I've seen for this exam, nice job!
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    Congratulations on the pass, that's a pretty top-notch score if you ask me.

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    COngrats. Thatøs a really high score. Nice going!

    I will be taking the exam in a month.
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    hey my friend! nice job, congrats! how bout some Tips ;)
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    I think the TechNotes on this site were probably my favorite reading resource. So, I'd start with those since they are free. If you have problems understanding something then you might look into some of the other study methods.

    The TestOut software seemed like it'd be good for someone who isn't a reader or someone who is new to the subject. I liked the hardware simulations, but they were a little basic. Of course, by the time I'd tried this package I'd already covered the material in class and the text book, as well as the TechNotes.

    As far as practice tests I liked Mike Meyers practice exams. I got them free when I bought my voucher through his site. Some of the questions on those practice tests were on the test. And, I scored roughly the same on the actual test as I had been scoring on his practice tests. Also, I took the practice tests in a slightly different manner than my other classmates. Both the Transcender and Mike Meyer's tests allow you to grade each individual question as you are on it and also offer an explanation. So, if I wasn't 100% sure of an answer I'd go ahead and check it and read the explanation. The Transcender was good because it's explanations covered all of the incorrect choices and not just the correct one. Just make sure you are honest with yourself and don't go changing your answers. Then you might ace the practice test and then go fail the real thing.

    I guess the other biggest thing would be to make sure you are familiar with everything on a conceptual level and know how it works and not just memorize terms and stuff. Because on the test they used different terminology sometimes. Also, if your not sure, try to use the process of elimination to narrow down your choices.

    I'd be familiar with the OSI model, all the well known ports, and major protocols and know what level of the OSI model they work on. Know the different RAID levels. Know the differences between DNS, WINS, Hosts file, & LMHosts file. Know the differences between Hubs, Switches, Bridges, Routers, and what levels they work on. Of course know, the different topologies and media specs. Know the steps to troubleshooting and about different types of backups and disaster recovery (hot sites, cold sites, warm sites.)

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    7lowe, thanks for your feedback regarding areas to review. I am doing my last minute review for this exam and will be taking it in this month.
    Studying CCENT/ICND1 (640-822)
    Future tests:
    in 2008: CCENT, SSCP, Linux+, A+,
    in 2009: CCNA/ICND2 (640-816), C|EH, CWNA, CWSP,
    in 2010: CCNP, CCSP.
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    Good job, that's a really high score!
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    congratz on the pass!!

    really nice score
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    well done :D thats a fantastic score

    >one of the highest I've ever seen<

    Did you try the preplogic PDF?
    it has a very good summary of everything in N+

    thats what I used, but each to his own

    anyway what's next for you?

    I'm guessing with a score like that, MCSE or something a bit more challenging
    chartered accountant maybe icon_wink.gif
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