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I'm testing for the A+ Essentials and IT Technician on Saturday and my book says that they may want you to group a list of procedures. Such as how to install a hard drive, what are the steps? That sort of thing. Can anybody confirm that those are on there? The objectives don't really make it clear.


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    No one can tell you what they saw on their tests, but...

    Been a long time since I studied A+. But yes.

    They will ask you to order things. Such as diagnostic step by step. Then try and mislead you with the question into giving them the solution user's problem, when what they really wanted was the next step in diagnostic procedure.

    So watch what they want from you on that kind of question. A+ isn't just about fixing computers it's about memorizing comptia's method.

    best of luck!
  • jscimeca715jscimeca715 Posts: 280Member
    Well put Daniel, I appreciate the feedback. I learned from my first exam with Comptia that everybody has a different exam so I'm not looking for specifics just clarity. I appreciate it.
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