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I was wandering what what would be the best path to get the following certification?
I would like to get my MCSA and then MCSE with the possibility of getting the MCSA/MCSE:Security. I have taken and passed 70-270, 70-290, and 70-291. Which test should I take next?

I was thinking of taking the 70-299 to get my MCSA and then 70-293, 70-294, 70-298 to get my MCSE. Is this a good path to take?

Then after all that is done take the 70-350 to get the Security certification.


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    Unless you have to get your MCSA right now, I'd encourage you to go right to 293 because that material overlaps with 291. It'd probably make things easier on you if you did 298 and 299 around the same time as well, for the same reason.
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    You could take the Security+ and add another cert plus get you MCSA:Security when combined with the 299. Then do the 293, 294, and 298. That would be my recommendation at least.
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    I'd recommend taking 293 next, and then take Security+, 299, and 298 near the same time. There is alot of overlap among 298 and 299.
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    I already posted this in a different thread so my apologies for the repetition.
    I did the 70-299 and was pretty surprised by the difficulty, I failed and have decided to sit it again after I have the 293 and 294 down. Some posts I've read here and elsewhere lead me to believe that the background in those two helps a lot.
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