MCSE: Security -- What now?

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This may belong in another forum but thought I'd start here. I just compelted 299 & 298 on the same day to complete my MCSE:Security. My big question is what should I do now? I passed my CCNA for the 2nd time Oct 2007, so I have till Oct 2010 to take a 642 level exam or retake the CCNA.

I currently work in a Windows SA position with no Exchange or Cisco duties. I think my next test will be 70-620 because I will need to work with it shortly. Beyond that, would it be worth it to take the messaging tests to become a MCSA/E:Messaging? Would it be worth it going for a SSCP? I don't think I have enough work experience/4-year degree for the CISSP. Of course I only have 3 tests beyond 620 to be both MCITP:SA and EA. So what do you think I should do beyond or even before 620?

Studying for MCSE: Server Infrastructure (70-414 left)


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    Wow, I impressed all together. I hope you're paid well!

    But from the sound of it, you should probably start to update your knowledge into Vista/2008 now. I think most places were waiting until SP1 to start considering Vista and that time has come.

    Or maybe Linux?

    Find your dream job on man and try and match you certs to it.

    good luck!
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    Congrats on the double-pass. That must feel great.

    Have you looked at the CEH at all? I'm not sure how much the cert itself will do for your career or advancement, but it looks like it contains a lot of interesting information.

    Also, even if you lack the experience for the CISSP, you can still become an associate. You just can't use the CISSP designation until you fulfill the requirements for it.
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