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I am new to this forum. I got CCNA certification recently, I don't have hands-on-experiance in networking,now I am in job search. And Iam planning to take CCNP BSCI exam, but I would like to know to pass the BSCI, real time experiance is necessary?


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    It helps but it's nothing you can't learn from a lab. For the BSCI you should be able to get by with Dynamips.
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    No it's not but you run the risk of getting more certifications than your experience can support. When you go looking for a job yo umay fall into the too little experience for a CCNP level job, but too many certifications for a CCNA level job. It's not always the case but I have seen it happen before.
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    Don't let your CCNP studies interfere with finding that CCNA level job.

    Studying for the BSCI exam should help you keep your routing skills sharp for interviews. The more hands on practice you do, the better you will learn.
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