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which OSs require the most attention in studying the CompTIA A+ exams? from what i've been reading through the exam objectives and my study materials, it seems that Windows XP home/professional and Windows 2000 are the main OSs to study. however, has anyone encountered a significant amount of questions regarding Windows 95,98,ME or (God forbid) DOS for the A+ 2006 exams?

of course, i would expect a few general questions about the older OSs (i.e. formatting, upgrading, file systems, etc.) but is it recommended that i study these thoroughly for the test?
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    You can download the exam objectives here: http://certification.comptia.org/a/

    They do mention Windows 95 and NT, but I wouldn't worry too much about it. The questions are going to be pretty general, and if you have a decent understanding of Windows, you should be fine.
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    thanks, that's was what i figured.
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    The new A+ exam i took about 5 months ago didnt have anything on it before W2k. It did ask questions about Apple, Novell, Unix...but they were more general or network related questions that made the OS less relevant, or you needed to know some random facts.
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    If you know your way around Windows in general, like how to get into you Device Manager and simple things like that then no worrys. :D

    Oh, and make sure you know several different ways to get into apps like that. It will help you out a lot. Remember there not going to ask how a normal person would open those apps there going to ask how a Microsoft genius is going to open them, and make sure you read the questions very carefully! Most of the time the question gives it away you just have to look at the way they word it, pay close attention to that!

    Good Luck :D
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