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I've configured a lab up R5 is the hub router and has ospf neighbors R4 & R6 and also has rip neighbors R1 & R2

anyway i'm confuring an access-list to match some the addresses R4 has some loopbacks including

on my acl on R5 it matches to the statement '150 permit (2 matches)' but in the route table the route is ahowing with a 32bit mask and not the 24 bit mask that is configured on the interface ?

any idea why?
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    Do a show ip ospf interface loopback # command -- where # is the loopback interface number. What's the Network Type?

    From the OSPF Frequently Asked Questions
    Q. Why are loopbacks advertised as /32 host routes in OSPF?

    A. Loopbacks are considered host routes in OSPF, and they are advertised as /32. For more information, refer to section 9.1 of RFC 2328. In Cisco IOS Software Releases 11.3T and 12.0, if the ip ospf network point-to-point command is configured under loopbacks, OSPF advertises the loopback subnet as the actual subnet configured on loopbacks.
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  • aueddonlineaueddonline Member Posts: 611
    thanks for that mike, i changed the type to point-to-point, all is well now
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