exchange help please for exchange newbie.


Wondering if you can help me out even though this question might sound very lame.

Im new to exchange and how it works ( but not so new I cant find my way around parts of exchange on our works mail server ).

What Im after is some info on how to set the mail side up. icon_confused.gif

Lets say I have a an AD domain called charliechicken.local and we have also bought How or what do I set up to get someone to be able form the outside world to be able to send a mail to say [email protected]?

I know its something to do with MX records? But how does the whole process work please? I just cant get my head around it. icon_sad.gif

Does an email address simply forward somewhere ( according to these MX ) and that is to your exchange server?

Any flow charts or diags would help.

THEN I could look at an outlook exam.

Many thanks :D
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    You need an MX record on the internet for your domain to point to an A record that matches your mail server's public IP address. You also need that A record.

    You then need to ensure you have a Recipient Policy that gives everyone that SMTP address. If you just have domain.local and domains, (not, etc.) you want to also make sure the recipient policy specifies the as the primary SMTP address.
    Good luck to all!
  • amyamandaallenamyamandaallen Member Posts: 316
    thanks for that

    hopefully that will help me along some ways :D
    Remember I.T. means In Theory ( it should works )
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    And just to add, if you are using Exchange 2007, Recipient Policies were split into 2 different things. One is E-mail address policies and the other is Accepted Domain. In Exchange 2007, if you create the e-mail address policy to give users e-mail address, you still have to create the Accepted Domain to allow your organization to accept e-mail for that
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