Save 25% on M$ Exam with VUE

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/me @$%#$^#$%@#$@$@$@#

Using the discount code MSUU4C7E933B, you can save 25% off all Microsoft exams when registering with VUE. Registration can be completed online at or by calling 1-888-837-8616.

I get this deal while asking my friend in Vietnam. They ONLY HAVE TO PAY 50$/per M$ exam while WE (North America) have to pay 125/115$ per exam........grhhhhhhhhhhhhhh icon_twisted.gificon_twisted.gificon_twisted.gificon_twisted.gif

55$/per exam. WTF icon_eek.gif It makes my A+ like a joke (pay 180$ for this)....sheeshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


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    Lucky ppl in VN.

    When I ever decide to go there to visit....I'll make sure I write one exam there. icon_lol.gif
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    Is this still valid? Can you provide I link? I can't find it anywhere on the certcities website.
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    If that one isn't valid anymore, check out the offer for early-expire MS vouchers for $99 on the right side of this page.

    If you mention coupon code 1155, or mention that you are a member at you'll get it for $98 :)
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    Thanks, not sure if I can make it by July 14th though. Here's another code I found which I haven't tested yet : MSUU4C8E2443

    BTW, when registering for VUE exams, do we have several months ahead to book the test? I know for Prometric you can book at least 2 months in advance .... so in the case of early expiry vouchers, you don't necessarily need to write the exam by the expiry date (as they mention on the voucher page), you just need to register by that day (and assuming your local test centres aren't all booked like they are in Vancouver I hear).
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    I called up Vue just now. When I asked them about the early expiry vouchers, theirs response was that you must choose an exam date by the expiry date or the voucher code would not work on the following screen. Strange how it doesn't seem to work that way for Prometric tests (I have scheduled exams past the expiry date before). Oh well, you learn something new every day I guess.

    Edit : looks like the early expiry vouchers are all gone now after referring a bunch of people from a very popular Canadian forum. :D
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    Mgz wrote:
    They ONLY HAVE TO PAY 50$/per M$ exam while WE (North America) have to pay 125/115$ per exam.

    Well keep it mind that $50 dollars in Vietnam and 125 in the US have about the same worth. That means, in Vietnam, 50 bucks could buy you what you can buy with 125 bucks in North America --if not more.

    In some parts of the world, ie. India, exams cost something around 20-25 bucks. Now that's a joke for people in North America, but in India, 25 bucks will buy you your whole month's food supply. No kidding.

    No wonder huge companies are outsourcing to the Indian subcontinent.

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