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Are the recommended books listed for the Network + exam up to date? Mikey Myers passport is like a $1.13 on amazon. Just curious.
Working on Linux+


  • mrhaun03mrhaun03 Member Posts: 359
    thanks, buddy! i just wanna have the most recent material to study for the exam.
    Working on Linux+
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    Hi guys and ladies, just curious what resources helped you the most in preparing for Network +? I have the Mike Myers' Passport book, the TechNotes from this site. The Myers book provides two exams, timed, with 85 questions a piece. I've also taken the exams listed on this site as well. I'm finding these resources to be extremely helpful. Do you think these are adequate resources to prepare me for the exam? Thanks for any and all input.
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    Pass the exam... maybe. But ask yourself if you are ready.

    Have you setup file servers/print servers under Linux, Novell, Mac and Windows NT and 2000? Messed with all the different type of cabling? Added/removed/updated users and groups under each of those OSs as well. You should also setup IPX/SPX, TCP/IP and Apple Talk networks.

    Basically I spent MONTHs running labs out of the For Dummies books in each of those platforms in prep for Net+. After finishing the for dummies book for each OS, I would then go back to the Net+ book for the next platform.

    I know more than a couple people with Net+ on their resume who've never even shared a folder on a Mac, yet are certified to do it. So make sure your Net+ means something to you and your employers.
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    Hi Daniel333,

    Thank you very much for the response. It looks like you came at the Net+ from all angles possible for this exam. I think I should take the time to learn Linux and Mac a little more before I take Net+. I do think I have a grasp on networking concepts and terminology in NT, 2000, and Novell, but not Linux and Mac. Some more definite labs for hands-on practice will help prepare me for the exam. Thanks again.
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