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Hey guys, I passed my CCNA a few months ago and am ready to move on to the next step but am sort of stuck at a cross roads. I already have 4 years experience in the routing/switching side of networking (network admin for an isp and network admin for domain registrar), but i also have 2 years under my belt as a network admin for a company working with the routing/switching side, but also handling the security side of things because of the nature of our business. Considering my experience what do you guys think would be a better route for me to take? I enjoy the routing side just about the same as the security side, but the thing i don't really like is that with the CCSP other than the SNPA and the SND exams, pretty much all of the other topics bore the hell out of me. =)

Any thoughts/suggestions?


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    svo4dot6 wrote:
    other than the SNPA and the SND exams, pretty much all of the other topics bore the hell out of me.
    Sounds like you answered your own question -- go for the CCNP.

    You can add the Cisco Firewall Specialist Certification if you also want to configure firewalls.
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    Yeah it's always hard to know what next after ccna. especially when you're interested in voice, security, routing and switching like myself.

    I went the CCNP route, as feel it lays great foundation for voice and security as well.

    Although in saying that, i've been reading a lot of cvoice material last week for a change.

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    Yeah I forgot that with the SND and SNPA exams you obtain the Firewall Specialist as well as the Security Specialist certs as well. That'll probably be the route I taken then, CCNP + SND and SNPA

    Thanks for the input.
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    I'd say that CCNP will give you good fundations before moving to a more specialized certification level. But it also depends on your technical background.

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