I passed today.

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I got 900 on the exam but it was not an easy exam. A few of them I was not sure about but I sat there and eliminated the choices until I was 80-90% sure about the answer. You really have to know your material well. I think the 90 minutes is ample time to finish them in if you are well prepared.

I paid for the week long class, then read the exam cram book cover to cover twice and then further focused on my weak topics and researched online and read different articles on various topics from the study guide.

There were 3 questions on Kerberos. A few questions on MAC, DAC, etc. VPN, IPSEC, encryption, hashing, Tape, backup, PKI, buffer overflow, disaster recovery 2-3, SSL etc etc. Questions were well spread so there is not a few topics that you can just focus on to pass this exam.

Good luck to whoever is planning on taking it.


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    Perfect score. sweet
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    Very cool, congrats on the pass. What's up next for you?

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    CCNA or CISSP or CCSA (checkpoint).
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    Wow you blew that test away man. welldone!!!!
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    Congrats on the pass!!! how did you feel the exam cram prepared you for the exam?
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    I can't speak for him, but I originally bought the Synergis book. I found that book to be almost impossible to read. It may have good information, but its written in like prose form. I find the Exam Cram much, much easier to read.
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    Exam Cram is an easy read and helps you understand the material...but I wouldnt solely rely on that. if you rely on that exclusively, then you might not be guaranteed a passing grade... The the exam is very difficult since it covers a broad range of topics. Read up more on the internet about various topics from the study guide. Exam Cram sample tests will help you prepare. If you want to buy some **** exams etc, they help prepare you as well.
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    congrats on the ace :D
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    People are saying this is a tough exam but it seems like from this forum a lot of people are passing. I don't see many failed exams.
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    mog27 wrote:
    People are saying this is a tough exam but it seems like from this forum a lot of people are passing. I don't see many failed exams.

    Everyone is probably over-preparing out of fear.

    For the next 2-3 months, let's all say that it's an easy exam and see if the fail rate go up icon_lol.gif
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    Could be that people are getting scared to post that they failed since everyone else is passing so they'd feel like they're the ugly duckling. :)
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    That's most likely the case.
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    I'm nervous on taking this TEST.. very nervous.. purchase **** hope this help!! purchase a book will read in and out of every page... i'm hoping to take it in 3 months.. is that good lenght of time to study. with memorization and such, or i'm just anxious also got a audio and making flash card.. what you guys think ???????
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