PASSED with 830!

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I took the exam tonight and passed with an 830! I did study too many details for the exam, but I knew I was ready. I was caught by some questions of topics I have never learned before, but that is to be expected. I read:

(2) SSCP book at a public (legal) network library
(3) ExamCram 2
(4) Certiguide to Security+ (thank you Techexams for that recommendation)
(5) Syngress Security+

My suggestions to those seeking Sec+:
Learn the broad categories of information and be able to decide what is best applied to the situation the test gives. Also, take plenty of practice tests.

Study the GRE for online grad school
Then CCNA! (before classes start)

Thanks TechExams!


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    Congratulations for passing!

    Good luck with the CCNA.
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    congrats on the pass :D
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    You stole my score!
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    congratz on the pass!!!

    Nice score, very nice.
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    congrats !!

    taking mine in a month or two :D hope i have as good a score
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    congratulations :)
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    did you get alot of question on MAC, DAC , etc...... environtmental ?, policies ? dns ? nat :)
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    Not a bad score, at all. Congratulations on the new cert, and good luck on your CCNA studies.

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    Congrats - good score
  • examseekerexamseeker Member Posts: 118
    Thanks guys..

    "did you get alot of question on MAC, DAC , etc...... environtmental ?, policies ? dns ? nat "

    I actually had 3 questions on MAC that were only reworded! I think there was maybe 1 question on DAC. The one question I remember that stumped me was asking me what to do when an attack is discovered, what would be the first move.. that came along twice..

    I'm working on the CCENT right now and plan to visit Linux in a few.

    Thanks again.. let me know if I can help!

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