Passed today (640-801)

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I've been following this forum for several weeks. I took in a lot of the suggestions here and just want to contribute what I can back to this group.

Well, I was really surprised in the slowness & lag during the simulation portion of the exam. I was forewarned by the testing center, but let me tell you... Be accurate (avoid typos) and have some patience. You won't need this, but you can use the '?' if unsure about what comes next while entering a command. I thought I was missing something when I got an error entering an access-list, but it turned out to be a typo. The test recommends to keep the sim under 10 minutes, so be sure to keep to the recommendation.

A good suggestion (can't recall the thread) was to use the tutorial time and write out subnet charts, bit to binary conversions for familiar addresses, yada yada... That really helped out a lot.

What did I use to prep? This site, CBTs, late nights at local bookstore, home lab of (1700 & 1600) and 2 pcs, and other reference sites posted here.

Good luck and wishing the next exam taker success!



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    Which CBTs did you use?
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    Good job..
    Xinxing is the hairy one.
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    I used CBT-Nuggets for CCNA (4 CD set). The software was not based on the latest 801 criteria; however, what was left out - I researched by reading new edition books from the book store.

    I have seen learnkey CBT products, but I prefer nuggets. I like how they go through a whiteboard session and then actual router demonstration.

    Pandimus: I read your post concerning your home lab & router air flow. I had a 2600 before and I used rubber sticky pads to prop the router about a 1/2in off my desk. You can get those at any hardware store.

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    Thanks.. I actually stole a couple off of my dsl router that doesnt need feet. Now it is high enought to give it a little airflow.
    Xinxing is the hairy one.
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