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hey guys i need your help im lookig for a new laptop, ill be using it for school and looking to spend about $1000/$1300....i have been looking at ASUS and toshiba.... is there any help you can give me?
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  • SchluepSchluep Member Posts: 346
    Based on your price range some of the suggestions I made in seem like they would fit well for you. Don't expect a top of the line best gaming laptop for $1000 to $1300 though. Some of the suggestions in that other thread should be more than capable of running modern games, but you might not want to max out all of your settings. A desktop would much faster hardware for that same price than a laptop, but the ones discussed in that thread should work.

    Since I know you mentioned ASUS their M51SN-A1 could be customized and be suffient for gaming within that price range. I went into more detail about this specific laptop and others in the thread I linked above.
  • intelzeeintelzee Member Posts: 27 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thanks ill have a look at that :)
    look look!!!! its a train!!
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    Try reading / posting on the forums on site, its a great help. Along with reading the reviews of any models that catch your eye.
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