642-523 SNPA pix asa or both?

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Which device does this exam focus on? I know pixes are end of life, and from my experience the PIX and ASA can be very different.

Personally I have worked with the ASA much much more than the PIX.

I want to take this test after the IPS test, so I am trying to get my lab up to speed.
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  • qplayedqplayed Member Posts: 303
    i'm looking to add a couple of pix's to my lab as well, will a couple of 515-UR do the job, asa5505's are next on my shopping list.

    i found some answers :)


    great now i can pick up the pix's asa's and ll the other goodies later
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    It's not so much PIX Vs. ASA as 6.x vs. 7.x software. I know there are some very nice additions to the ASA integrally but for the majority of what you need to know for the exams a PIX with current software will get you by. Better still there's PEMU :)
    If you have nothing yet though and do want hardware then save and get an ASA5505 at least. Since you are already gaining experience with the ASA's and they added features rather than taking away (though 7.x did do away with things like AH for IPSEC) I wouldn't look back too hard, mainly get an idea of the capabilities and limitations of the hardware/models. If you know your ASA's well enough and have a good capabilities delta of the various PIX and ASA models you should be fine.
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  • livenliven Member Posts: 918
    Dude Ahriakin

    You rock!!!

    I just worry about the asdm style questions... Like I said I use the ASA a fair amount. But don't use the pix to much any more....

    I guess I will set up pemu for the pix and try to do things on bot the ASA and the pix...

    Just would like to pass the test on the first try.

    Thanks again!!!
    encrypt the encryption, never mind my brain hurts.
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