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Just took the beast!


As you all know 554 is the MINIMUM passing grade...




The test itself actually wasn't that bad.

You should know the follwing:


Protocols and their respective layers in the OSI

Hardware and their respective layers in the OSI

LOTS of troubleshooting...and I mean A LOT

Know what interferes with wireless networks (had about 10 questions like that!)

Know your cable lengths and standards...(10BASE T, 100BASE-CX, etc, etc)

Don't let the other questions that have NOTHING to do with the exam objectives get to you...it happens to the best of us =)

I took an 8-week course and studied for about 2 1/2 weeks after, so it's about 11 weeks of total studying.

I used the following: (in order of importance)

-ALL of the technotes here and all 3 practice tests (incredible review for me and I'm POSITIVE that these notes aided in me passing!)

-This practice test: http://www.proprofs.com/certification/comptia/network-plus/exams/exam.php?xid=1 (another amazing test)

-The book that I had to buy for my class...(which completely SUCKED, but if you want the name here it is: Academic Learning Series: Network+ Certification 4th Edition Microsoft book)

Anyways, on to A+ 601 and 602 !!!!!

Wish me luck !!!!!


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    Cool deal, congratulations on the pass. Good luck on your A+.

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    Congrats on the pass. I'm taking the test in May. The A+ tests were easy in my opinion.
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    really, is that so?

    Did you take them back to back?

    What do you think is good study material/practice tests?

    Thanks !!!!
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    Well congrats on the pass, whats next?
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    congrats, a pass is a pass even if it is minimum
  • brad-brad- Member Posts: 1,218
    FYI, the phrase "the beast" is reserved and copyrighted for exam 70-291.

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    congrats bro, thanks for the heads up as well...will definitely study OSI a lot more.
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    Congratz !!!

    Good Luck on your A+
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    congrats :D
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    Congrats on passing Net+. Good luck for A+.
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    brad- wrote:
    FYI, the phrase "the beast" is reserved and copyrighted for exam 70-291.

    Heh, so true..... I'm guessing.
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    Congrats well done :)

    A+ isnt that bad, (Except Vista, Heel XP heel boy)
    but why did you do N+ first? and then A+

    everything in N+ follows on from A+
    I understood things better when I did the A+ first

    Do you have some prior unofficial training before tackling N+?

    anyway well done :)
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