Connecting PC to TV issue

Lee HLee H Member Posts: 1,135
Hi Guys

Does anyone here ever have an issue with connecting a TV to their PC

I have dual DVI on SLI so thats like 4 DVI and 2 S-Video

Problem is when i try to select dual display, in Nvidia control manager i dont have the selection to have both, i can drop down a list and see my TV and select it, then i get a stupid resolution on my TV that misses the bottom half of the screen, then its difficult to quit from because i cant see the apply button.

Has anyone ever had this, i have set it up like this on many occasions with my old AGP card though S-Video, sometimes i had this problem but always got round it somehow

Any help would be great

Lee H


  • aueddonlineaueddonline Member Posts: 611
    I was reading about sli the other day and they way it works is one of the graphics cards is the master and one is the slave and they are responsible for rendering half the sceen each, so this could be a reason why you are getting half a sceen, also you will only be able to use the dvi ports on 1 of the graphics cards while in sli mode, as far as I know

    have a read of this
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  • Lee HLee H Member Posts: 1,135
    Hi Guys - update

    I have just got it working on my TV, you need to disable SLI in order to clone PC to TV

    This i have to do everytime i want to watch i film, dam!!

    Lee H
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